Our Games

Calm Waters: A Point & Click Mystery Thriller – Available NOW on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.


Peter Taylor’s wife is dead.

One day he decided to take a vacation abroad. He arrives at a small, quiet coastal town where tourists are sparse and everybody knows each other. It’s only when he notices people are going missing and all the signs point to a dark, mysterious island out to sea that he decides to team up with local journalist Michelle and terrified-yet-adventure-seeking waiter Glenn to go and investigate.

What secrets does the island hold? What are the locals hiding? And what’s causing those blood-curdling screams that seem to be coming from that mysterious island in the dead of night?

Calm Waters is a 2D classic point and click thriller/mystery/horror influenced by the likes of Lost and Twin Peaks.

Calm Waters features:

– Professional voice actors
– Full 1080p HD 2D pre-rendered backgrounds
– Intriguing characters
– An immersive story full of twists and turns
– An atmospheric soundtrack

Apart from the voice actors and music, the entire game was created by myself over the space of 6 years.


The Dark Side of the Moon – Currently in development.


When his 2 children are snatched from their bedrooms from within their country house in the middle of nowhere, it’s up to single father Dean to work out where they are, but most importantly, WHO took them.

The game is a complete FMV interactive adventure and will feature point and click elements, plus story-branching, meaning you can alter how the game plays out from beginning to end.